Omnivore Farm Logs | Why we invested in Krishify

How is Krishify building India’s first content-centric agriverse?

3 min readApr 1, 2022

We are now two decades into social media, which is increasingly the primary world where we live, laugh, and learn. Social media platforms have obliterated geographical barriers and radically changed how we consume information and conduct businesses. Despite their global ubiquity, social networks have only begun to penetrate across rural India, which still mostly remains disconnected. Krishify identified an opportunity to build a multilingual social media platform that can revolutionize information, trade, education, and entertainment for India’s farmers and rural communities. In summary, Krishify is building the agriverse.

Tell me more about Krishify’s agriverse?

Krishify’s app puts the power and joy of content creation and peer-to-peer learning into the hands of every player in their agriverse. Krishify is working with farmers, rural families, retailers, traders, brokers, FPOs, and agribusiness companies of every size. Using machine learning, AI, and NLP, Krishify’s app delivers a highly personalized experience to agriverse participants. For example, based on the crop type and the farming cycle, the home feed provides relevant content to users to obtain maximum value from time spent scrolling through the app. Aside from user-generated content, the startup is also partnering with hundreds of agribusiness brands. These brands are driving curated content to farmers, while also leveraging the unique opportunity for multi-dimensional engagement with their customers.

How well is Krishify’s approach working?

Based in Gurugram, Krishify began operations in 2019. Today the app has over 6.5 million downloads and 1.3 million monthly active users. The app encourages users to spend quality time browsing through content to gather information and business leads while enjoying rural-centric entertainment. More and more Indian farmers are connecting via Krishify every day as the network breaks down geographic barriers and helps people engage with each other to access knowledge and do business. For instance, a third-generation guava farmer in Rajasthan has been selling record numbers of saplings to farmers across Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra who only could have ever discovered him through the Krishify app.

What about Krishify was compelling for Omnivore?

A significant driving force behind the tech revolution underway is catering to the needs and desires of the next billion. With mobile connectivity and smartphones rapidly making their way into every corner of India, entrepreneurs are beginning to understand rural India’s demand for education, entertainment, and above all, frugal innovation. Krishify’s platform is tailored to deliver on all three fronts and pave the way for better farmer profits, which is a pillar of Omnivore’s investment thesis. The Krishify agriverse has the potential to radically transform farmer behavior and accelerate technology adoption on all fronts. Krishify is likewise building a new world of agri-influencers and content creators who will fuel the agriverse and bring a greater focus on the realities of the rural sector than ever before.

What’s next for Krishify?

Krishify plans to use this round for accelerating pan-India growth and to further refine the technology for an enhanced user experience in the agriverse. Currently, while users can interact with each other and access information on the app, business transactions happen offline. The startup is working towards fulfilling transactions by enabling a payment gateway on the app. Furthermore, Krishify is accelerating monetization on the network via advertising, lead generation, and marketing services for agribusiness companies targeting rural consumers.

We are thrilled to welcome Krishify to the Omnivore portfolio. We look forward to working with Krishify in building India’s largest rural social network.




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