BioPrime is building a future where better and more sustainable crop yields are guaranteed

Co-Founders (L-R): Dr Renuka Diwan, Dr Shekhar Bhosale, and Dr Amit Shinde

Whether developed by accelerators or research institutes, life sciences research and development infrastructure must be made available to entrepreneurs.

How is DGV ensuring the last-mile delivery of digital financial services to dairy farmers?

Founder Ragavan Venkatesan (third from the left) with the DGV team at a milk collection centre.

Here’s to investing with intention, evaluating progress, and contributing to the global efforts to navigate climate change.

How is BaharatAgri turning the dream of doubling farmers’ income into reality?

Emerging trends and opportunities in agrifoodtech in India

How is Dvara E-Registry solving the challenge of financial inclusion in Indian agriculture?

Photo: Getty Images

Emerging gastronomic adventures for the Indian palate

Can precision agritech alleviate the impact of climate change and improve farmer incomes?


Omnivore is a venture capital firm, based in India, which funds entrepreneurs building the future of agriculture and food systems.

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